Fall planning guide cover for the Washington Post’s Weekend section, featuring music, stage and seasonal events in Washington, D.C. Illustration by Bomboland.

A special section about the growing importance of cybersecurity to U.S. government and companies. “Trojan horses” are one of the many ways hackers infiltrate computers. Illustration by Shout.

Special issue featuring back-to-school stories across all departments. The bird characters were used throughout to create a visually cohesive issue. Illustrations by Bomboland.

Cover story about the mutilated trees lining area streets after severe storms and massive power outages plagued the D.C. area.

Cover story timed to the summer Olympics that discussed the benefits for kids of sports like fencing and archery. Illustration by Craig Alan.

Nutrition story showing the health benefits of seven foods that often get a bad rap, like eggs.

Voter’s guide for the Virginia primaries that informed readers about the candidates and reminded them to vote. Illustration by Lincoln Agnew.

Community news story about the difficulties of commuting with young children on Washington, D.C.’s, public transit system.

Cover story about the biggest high school football rivalries in the Washington, D.C., area. The cover design was customized for 14 different communities and complemented a package in the Sports section exploring why high school football rivalries are so passionate. Illustration by Dan Page.

Home decorating story with tips on how to give your home a new look with what you already own.