art direction

Local Living cover by Tippi Thole for The Washington Post

After doing a full-scale back-to-school issue three weeks prior, my challenge was to come up with another way to tell the back-to-school story. The cover story offered advice for how parents can navigate the school year, since it’s not just kids who are going back to school. To visually differentiate the package from the previous …

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Local Living cover by Tippi Thole for The Washington Post

I worked with illustrator Jared Andrew Schorr on Local Living’s back-to-school issue. I asked him to illustrate the cover headline as well as the table of contents and department labels to give the issue a cohesive feel and to set it apart as a special issue. I loved his creativity and attention to detail.

Local Living cover by Tippi Thole for The Washington Post

I sent illustrator Julie Notarianni the idea to paint the scene of a rain garden as a storm is rolling in. Inside, she illustrated a rain garden in relationship to a house, which became the basis of a graphic detailing how to create one. She captured the spirit of the story perfectly.

The story compared area college dining halls in terms of healthy offerings. One local university in particular had a healthy dining program so I had the reporter ask the nutritionist to put together a healthy meal in the dining hall for the photographer that we could should straight down, from a student’s perspective. The resulting …

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Local Living cover by Tippi Thole for The Washington Post

I collaborated with illustrator Julie Notarianni to create a seed packet to kick off our spring gardening coverage. She painted the packet texture and central vignette (even incorporating the garden writer in the scene!). I added the border and seal in Photoshop to give it a more realistic feel reminiscent of vintage seed packets.

Poem for the holidays

This story didn’t have any obvious photography potential, so I decided to illustrate it using magnetic poetry. I created my own holiday poem and displayed it in the shape of two snowflakes to create an immediate seasonal connection.

Maximum exposure

This column discussed a recent trend of talented female celebrities posing nude or semi-nude in men’s magazines to advance their careers. While there were many photos available, there weren’t any I could use in the newspaper. So I decided to create a playful and suggestive illustration using a silhouetted figure and typography. The headline and …

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Keep the wave in Old Glory

Rather than use a generic picture of an American flag, I decided to take an all typography approach for this Fourth of July story about how to care and store the flag.